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AboutUmbria Collection analyzes, studies, explores and so narrates Umbria through a lens. A lens that assumes every time a different colour, inspiring every issue. Because Umbria is commonly known as the green heart of Italy, but it is also something more.

AboutUmbria Collection addresses to every Umbria lover and to who doesn’t know it yet, but is bound to fall in love with this territory. It’s for the Umbrian people who want to re-discover their territory; it’s for tourists who are looking for all-absorbing experiences; it’s for everyone who loves beauty and shun predictable things.

For this reasons, we really pay attention to research, to information reliability and to details. Since we want to take into consideration the beauty of Umbria without any distortion, we have chosen a minimal layout and artistic pictures, together with a high quality paper which could recall the genuineness of our land.

Purchase AboutUmbria Collection

At the moment of purchase remember to specify whether you are a member of AboutUmbria Association, writing name, surname and number of the card in the “notes on the order” field: in this way you will receive the exclusive reproduction of an original sketch made by an Umbrian artist.

Because, together with the first 200 copies of every issue of AboutUmbria Collection, you will be given a special gift, made on purpose by an Umbrian artist or by an artist that lives or works in Umbria. Litographs will be available until exhaustion.