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The Show is about to Start

by Redazione

When, now more than one year ago, a group of communication and information professionals met to give life to Aboutumbria, there was nothing that portended that a real network of different professional experts would have been created. A network whose only aim was to pool together experiences and expertise in order to create an organization that would be able to promote the brand of “Umbria” in a timely, comprehensive and innovative manner.

Photo by Giovanni Bicerna

What about the reasons? Undoubtedly a sense of respect and gratitude to their own land, a sublime form of dedication to showcasing of their roots, but also more than a hint of vanity. A desire to to do something for our dear and beloved Umbria, to be able to do something for her, or at least to ensure that everyone is able to know her deeply and love her for what she really is.

Aboutumbria’s mission therefore is to enhance the communication capacities of the Umbrian territory by the knowledge of the areas and buildings of a historical, artistic and architectural value, the dissemination and promotion of its excellences, events, exhibitions, and cultural initiatives in general.

But a second and no less important goal is that of creating a new territorial communication format by exploring different media languages and the limitless potential of technologies, in order to exalt a land that is rich in symbols, culture and history -but also of creativity.

What does better represent a multi-media today, than being able to capture emotion through an image or living it through the representation of an event?

Yes. The idea is to build a true multimedia communication environment within which Umbria and its excellences is able to be told, to be lived; a kind of Communication 2.0 course, where the concept of network turns into the Community in which the human experience further enriches the value of this land, reinterprets its and interacts between the past and present, and lays the ground for a new future.

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